Generally low magnetic field levels, with the exceptions noted below. There is some indication of a geobiological disturbance line of force extending through both bedrooms on the south side of the house.


Readings were at normal to slightly above normal. There were a few short bursts to .3 mR/hr in the basement, which is a sign of small amounts of radioisotopes in the air. Based on this, I recommend a separate radon test be ordered. Do this during a three-week period of cool, dry weather, and keep the basement closed up. Minimize the amount of activity there to ensure a more accurate test result.


View coming in from the front door is good. When remodeling, keep the same lines there.

Pillars in front of house are square. Ordinarily, according to traditional Feng Shui, this is not regarded as favorable. However, in this case, we seem to have an exception to the rule, because the shapes harmonize with the house design. The current color on the pillars is also a harmonious color. The only change, which should cause an enhancement in how you feel overall about living in this house, would be to carefully outline the ridges on the pillars. This outlining should be in the same color as other exterior trim. In this case, forest green is an excellent exterior trim color.


Straightening out the east wall during remodelling is a good idea.


When remodeling, make taking out the false beams a high priority. Beams symbolize hierarchical authority, and really have no place in a cooperative family. Taking out some of the unnecessary trim is also good, and remember that it's recyclable.


Opening up a double-wide doorway to the dining room is excellent. This will help resolve nutrition issues. Putting doors in there, however, will create more conflict. Therefore, this doorway should be an open area.

Temporarily, hang a crystal in the specified location by the doors. This will bring a lighter feel to that area, which is too dark now. Also, taking out the dining room door will help at this time, until the remodeling is started.


There is definitely a geobiological disturbance zone, which is exaggerated by the shape of the wiring in the electric blanket. The blanket itself does not seem to be working. According to research by Dr. Glen Rein, in which he showed that it's possible for unenergized wire shapes to have an influence on bacterial cultures, it would be best to simply throw away the blanket immediately, and replace it with a cotton or down comforter.

A local radio station is being picked up as a disturbance signal in the bedroom. I suggest that an experimental remedy of Hannah Kroeger's be done. This involves putting a bare 14 or 16 gauge copper wire around the bed, at the bottom of the lower mattress. Leave about an inch opening on the south side of the bed, between the ends of the wire.

Another experimental remedy for this type of geobiological disturbance is to take an 8-inch section of the bare copper wire, and form it into the shape of the letter "G". Bury this 2 inches deep in the ground, about two feet out from the center of the bedroom window. The open part of the "G" should point away from the house. Many experiments with this technique have been done by Vince Wiberg in the Los Angeles area, with good results. The fact that this is being done before any serious illness symptoms are manifesting should enhance the effectiveness of this particular experiment.

Swap the positions of the cabinet and the dresser. Put a mirror above the dresser, so that you can always see the door to the room. This will make you feel more secure.


The angled door creates some subconscious psychological disturbances, making it more likely for unexpected events to happen. The crucifix hanging inside above the door helps. Place an oval, antique-motif decorative mirror on the outside of the door. Another mirror should be put up on the inside of the door, which can be any shape and size, as long as nobody's head is cut off in the mirror.

With the waterbed heater on, electromagnetic field readings were at 4.5 mG. This is a level implicated in neurological problems in several European studies. On the Electro-Stress meter, your daughter had the highest voltage difference yet observed in anyone. Her level was 2.5 volts away from the bed, which is still a bit higher than most measurements, which have tended to cluster around the range of .400 to .850 volts for most people. While lying on the waterbed, her body voltage stress level jumped to 56.7 volts as soon as the heater was turned on. These readings show that it's likely her headaches are related to electromagnetic stress.

As a general rule, keep the heater on at full power during the day, when no one is around. Turn off the heater each night before getting into the bed. There also seems to be a short or open somewhere in the heater control, which means it should be replaced immediately.

The TV set by the bed is adding to the disturbance zone, and seems to be interacting with the waterbed heater. It should be removed.

My own electro-stress level was also unusually high at all points in this room. No particular source seemed to be responsible for this phenomenon, but I would recommend removing the telephone, which has a transformer plug, as a precaution. Use only battery-powered clocks and/or radios in the room.

The geobiological disturbance seems to extend into this room, which could conceivably account for the high stress levels measured there.


Move the desk around so that you have a good view of the door. This will put you in control.


The middle fluorescent light bank is bad. Both the ballast and bulbs need to be replaced. It's likely that the situation is causing the other two banks to deteriorate more rapidly. Doing away with the fluorescent lights altogether and putting in track lights may be cheaper, and will provide a more comfortable, direct light.


Go ahead and take out the sodium vapor light. Replacing it with an outdoor incandescent bulb is surprisingly cheap.


Replace the waterbed heater!

Move the master bedroom furniture

Move the office desk

Do the bedroom wire experiments

Set up a radon test soon in the basement


These are accounts of actual cases; things that happened to friends and clients. They are not intended to prove or disprove anything but to give you a sense of what is meant by Design Ecology.


One client had a brilliant secretary. She was very much on top of things in a difficult office coordinating the practices of several financial professionals. This was in the late 1980s, when word processing software was changing rapidly. She had to learn a new program. She was having a great deal of difficulty with this, and it was beginning to threaten her ability to continue with the job. Nobody wanted to fire her, but it was absolutely necessary for her to learn this new program.

Her work area was set up so that normally she faced a wall, with a side view to the main door. Her computer was set up against the back wall, so that whenever she worked on it, her back was to the door. It took a lot of persuasion, because the new arrangement significantly reduced the open space in the reception area, but her desks were moved so that her ordinary position was facing the front door directly, and when sitting at the computer, she had a good side view of the door. Within the next week, she learned the new program and also reported that she felt a lot more relaxed in general.


A lady who was a professional substitute teacher called me in because she was concerned about clutter in her house. It turned out that she was actually fighting a battle with cancer. It was almost as if the clutter was an unconscious method of building a defense against whatever was the cause of her cancer. Her house had been built next to a wandering prairie stream. It was obvious that water was flowing under her house. (Prairie and desert streams almost always have associated underground rivers which are often more significant than what's on the surface.)

I taught her how to detect the subtle energy fields associated with flowing underground water, and showed her how to place little bits of wire in certain patterns around the house to divert these fields. She had to go out every couple of months to change these wires, because the water was so close to the surface and so changeable. She won her battle against cancer.


One woman in Kansas thought that Feng Shui might help her failing marriage. I was called in, and found a beautiful rural house facing a pond. The house had many assets and advantages; it was simply a great place to live. Only two serious flaws were found. One was a hayhook hanging from the living room ceiling. Even though the rope holding it was obviously strong, I pointed out that the points of the tool would cause tension. She then reported that her ten year old niece, while recently visiting, had asked if they were afraid of the points of that thing. The other thing was a gun rack. In rural Kansas, it is necessary to have guns around the house to deal with coyotes and other predators once in a while. This rack was mounted next to the bedroom door, in such a way that the barrels of the guns pointed straight across the doorway. The residents, associating guns with danger and associating the bedroom with marriage, were perpetually recieving a subtle communication that marriage was a deadly dangerous thing.

These two items were quickly corrected. At last report, the couple was more happily married than ever, in spite of the fact that the husband doesn't "believe in Feng Shui".


Wealthy people are certainly not immune to environmental problems. An oil executive had homes in several places. He noticed that whenever he was in one particular home in a big city, he got sick. Everywhere else, he was fine. This home was located next to a busy intersection, which might have been a factor. But I kept noticing a distinct moldy smell in parts of the living room and kitchen. Those rooms were clear of any obvious mold, though. In the basement, along a long wall directly underneath the living room and part of the kitchen, the problem was found. A water pipe had obviously been leaking a tiny bit over a long period of time. Black mold covered both sides of the wallboard throughout the area. This was definitely a case where a small amount of money spent on a simple plumbing repair could have prevented a lot of trouble.


A wealthy computer executive was building a house by a lake. This was a multi-million dollar home, with innovative electrical wiring included so that he could control everything in the house from a single computer. He noticed that even before the house was finished, every time his brother, and sometimes other people, visited the house, they got sick. He was very concerned about this. He had heard that electromagnetic fields could cause this kind of sickness, so he had me come up and check the place out.

I found all the electrical wiring to be emanating normal field levels. Here's where the benefit of hiring a multi-disciplinary environmental consultant comes in. While checking field levels, I noticed a funny smell in the living room. I took out my portable gas detector and measured the levels of toxic gas in the built-in drawers that had been installed in the living room, as well as in a closet off the living room that had plenty of shelves. These shelves and drawers were made of particle board. Gas meter readings were exceptionally high. (Most particle board is made with formaldehyde and other chemicals and emit gases for quite some time after leaving the factory.)

In this case, the solution was to keep the living room well ventilated until the gases had finished coming out of the particle board. I estimated that this process would take three to six months, given the amount of material involved.


Near the edge of a Colorado mountain town, a man said that his family just couldn't stop fighting, even though they loved each other very much. His house directly faced the end of a street. There was very little traffic on the street, but it still caused tension. I recommended that he commission a sculptor to create a metal work to be placed in his front yard, between the end of the street and his house. A few months later, he sent a photo of the sculpture, along with the comment that the fighting had stopped, and everyone was getting along very well.


A very energetic man in his 40s was having serious trouble sleeping, and was also beginning treatment for heart problems. An intense electromagnetic test of his bedroom was set up. He had an electric blanket. It was one of those dual-control models. His side didn't even work. He knew about possible dangers from electromagnetic fields, but figured that since his side of the blanket didn't work, there couldn't be any problem. Measurements proved otherwise, with nearly 50 volts running through his body when he was in his normal sleeping position. He immediately got rid of the blanket. His health and sleep immediately improved.

Consultations can take 3 to 10 hours on site.  Besides a visual survey of the area, including the building and its surroundings, measurements are done with several pieces of equipment.  About a week later, a comprehensive report is mailed.  If agreed, a copy of the report is sent to the client's designated health care provider.

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